Raton, New Mexico, Gateway to the Land of Enchantment !!

Cindy, Louie and the Champ.
(1947 Aeronca 7AC "Champ")

Second camera ship.
1969 Spezio DAL-1 Sport- "The Tuholer")
Modeled after the 1930s race plane,
the Howard Ike.


Raton From The Air

Most people don't get to see their home from the air.  We are mostly ground bound beings who are always looking up at the mountains, hills, trees, buildings and anything taller than us, which is most everything.  Once in a while, we may get to see the general layout from an airliner above 30,000 feet - if we get a window seat.  A few of us extremely fortunate beings have the great pleasure of checking
things out from just the right altitude.  Since I was 17 years old, I have been spying on my neighbors, following rivers, hiding in the clouds, exploring the countryside and checking out the tops of everything.  Following is an aerial tour of Raton and its surroundings.  We will add to the collection as time allows. As they say:  "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it."

Let's take a tour:

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